EC Council Singapore

Before we get into what you can study at CyberQuote, let’s start with understanding something called the EC-Council. The EC-Council is a world leader in ethical hacking and information security training and certification. They cover all the major areas of information security and are highly recognized in the industry. In addition, the EC-Council offers a wide range of qualifications, out of which we’ve picked out a few that we think will be an ideal suite for you.

EC Council Singapore  

The EC-Council is best known for its professional certifications for the IT security field. It offers numerous certifications in a variety of fields related to IT security, including disaster recovery, secure programming, e-Business and general IT security knowledge.


CyberQuote has experience and expertise in providing various IT solutions and services to the stock broking and insurance industry. CQ has notably played a major role in developing Singapore’s first online share trading platform, Phillip Online Electronic Mart Systems (POEMS). From there CQ has branched out its service to cyber security training / it security training, such as :

and IT Security Services / IT consultancy, such as :

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