Vulnerability Assessment Singapore

The vulnerability assessment methodology combines both black box (no knowledge of the target system) and white box approach (partial knowledge of the system) and it has been developed around the following industry standards: NIST Special Publication 800-115, for network infrastructure penetration testing.

Testing and analysis on multiple systems should be conducted to determine the level of access an adversary could gain. This process is represented in the feedback loop in figure below between the attack and discovery phase of a penetration test.

If an attack is successful, the vulnerability is verified and safeguards are identified to mitigate the associated security exposure. In many cases, exploits that are executed do not grant the maximum level of potential access to an attacker. They may instead result in the testers learning more about the targeted network and its potential vulnerabilities, or induce a change in the state of the targeted network’s security. Some exploits enable testers to escalate their privileges on the system or network to gain access to additional resources. If this occurs, additional analysis and testing are required to determine the true level of risk for the network, such as identifying the types of information that can be gleaned, changed, or removed from the system. In the event an attack on a specific vulnerability proves impossible, the tester should attempt to exploit another discovered vulnerability. If testers are able to exploit vulnerability, they can install more tools on the target system or network to facilitate the testing process. These tools are used to gain access to additional systems or resources on the network, and obtain access to information about the network or organization.

Vulnerability Assessment Singapore


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