Yahoo Has Been Hacked: What You Need to Know

It’s a cyber catastrophe. Yahoo on Thursday confirmed a massive security breach that saw hackers steal personal information for over 500 million accounts. Yahoo (YHOO, +2.98%) says a foreign government is to blame. The incident is a big deal, since so many have a Yahoo account of some type or other — for email or

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HTTPS-crippling FREAK exploit affects thousands of Android and iOS apps

  While almost all the attention paid to the HTTPS-crippling FREAK vulnerability has focused on browsers, consider this: thousands of Android and iOS apps, many with finance, shopping, and medical uses, are also vulnerable to the same exploit that decrypts passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data sent between handsets and Internet servers. Security

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Popular SSH Client PuTTY Gets New Version That Steals Credentials

A malicious version of the popular SSH (secure shell) client PuTTY has been compiled by cybercriminals with code for pilfering credentials used to remotely access servers and computers. PuTTY is an open source terminal emulator for Windows systems primarily used for encrypted communication with remote machines often running Linux/Unix. It is employed by system administrators,

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Cyber Security Training in Singapore

Who is the job for? Are you cut out for IT Security? IT Security has turned into a field for the creative. The job demands more than your everyday programming skills. If you’re creative, and you’re able to see solutions to problems and loopholes in those solutions, IT Security is a line of work that

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Cyber Security Courses in Singapore

We have more good news for you. You now have the ability to follow a course of IT Security, at a reliable institution, right in Singapore. No more travelling overseas to complete a study in Information Technology Security or Ethical Hacking or the like. And if you aren’t currently in Singapore, it may be a

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Certified Ethical Hacker Singapore

The best certified ethical hacker in Singapore! In the fast paced online world today, running a business comes with some risks. The risk is not anywhere to where it was many years ago, as there are many ingrained challenges. People and businesses have started to enter the other websites and accounts, with the main aim

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CEH Singapore

You may have heard the term certified ethical hacker. Whether you are living in Singapore or any other developed and trending digital area of the world, this term is also known shortly as CEH. So, what does it stand for? CEH in Singapore is a service by a professional expert in computer security. This person

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ECSA in Singapore

Cyberquote – ECSA training course in Singapore is one of the most important and effective courses for every person who wants further involvement in the digital world, backed up with a certification. It teaches effective ways of assessment in terms of network security risks and threats that are based on various hacking techniques and penetrating

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Kali Linux Training

For the ones that are not familiar with it, Kali Linux is an advanced method of penetration testing and security auditing within Linux distribution. All of the new infrastructure of a website that is being built and put to place is its main aim, with the tools properly reviewed and packaged. The Kali Linux training

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Backtrack Training

The BackTrack training is an ultimate guide taking you to the real aspects and the core of the penetration test. Whether you are starting off in the penetration testing world or you are an experienced tester, the course for BackTrack always spices up the overall knowledge, giving a great accent to the penetration techniques and

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